Concrete and cement Products

1-Sulphated dextrin used as additive for concrete or mortar – improving flowability and permitting reduction of water content

2- DE4447852C2 – Expansive cement admixture contg. alumina and calcium

3- Preparation method of dextrin retarding superplasticizer

4- Patentas DE4434322A1 – Cement additive, cement composition and chemically prestressed concrete produced therefrom

5- Patent US4302251 – Cement composition containing dextrin

6- Patent US3486960 – Mortar compositions and methods of use 

7- Patent US3414420 – Oil well cement and method of making the same 

8- Patent US3344095 – Resin bonded magnesium oxychloride cement composition 

9- Patent US2374628 – Portland cement and method of retarding the setting rate thereof

10- Patent EP0188471A1 – Admixture for cement mixes

11 – Russia Patent – Concrete mix