Super Plasticizer KBF-N3500

this concrete admixture, usually uses between %0/5 to %1/2 of cement’s weight, which is variable depend on weather conditions,type of materials and desired fluent.

in the normal condition and temperate, optimal consumption of this plasticizer is %0/7 of cement’s weight.


please add it(KBF-N3500) little by little during of mixing concrete or after mixing completely to is possible to add it to concrete liquid.

keep it in temperature of 5 to 37 C°.

in case of contact with your eyes, wash it with a lot of water and go to the case of contact with your skin, wash it with water and soap and if you see sth like mark in your skin, go to the doctor immediately.


color: dark brown

Uniformity : Homogenous

Density : 1/12±0/03

ph : 6±1

Chloride : none

Corrosion behavior : No