White dextrin KBF-P150

     White Dextrin is a starch derivative ,white to cream in colour and has approximately 25 to 65 percent solublity in cold water . Lower viscosity than the raw starch and the resulting film is stronger and has very good adhesion properties.


1. A textile finishing tool to increase weight and stiffness of textile fabrics

2. As thickening and binding agent in paper coating formulations

3. As an binder in production of fireworks and explosives

4. As a raw material in production of many water-based adhesives

5. Animal feed, poultry and aquatic animals to gain weight (0.2 to 2 percent for livestock and poultry, 2 to 10 percent for fish)

6. Dextrin is largely used in dry distemper. five to ten % of dextrin, mixed with chalk and pigment, acts as carrier and impact good adhesion of the      color to the wall highly soluble dextrin as diluents to standardized the dyes with respect to the range of color. Dextrin washes out quickly and easily    and do not react with chemicals

7. As an adhesive packaging requirements

8. In foundry industries as core binder to give better green strength, dry tensile strength

9. Suitable for paper cores & paper tubes

10. Fiberglass industry

11. Production of insecticides

12. Briquettes

13. Remoisturable tapes and postal stamps

technical specifications :

1. Appearance                        creamy white powder

2. Moisture                             8 to 10%

3. PH                                     3 to 4

4. solubility in cold water         25 to 65%

5. ash                                    less than 1%

Advantages :

High adhesion properties, film strength, strong tackness, cold water solubility, high-speed drying, high-solids production adhesives